EB IT Support - Computer Training

Support available 10am to 8:30pm Daily

[email protected]   0333 090 3635

Do you or someone you know, know your basic computer skills?
EB IT Support can provide you with training on how to use Microsoft Office Suite (Premium), Google Docs (Cloud) or LibreOffice (FREE / Open Source).
We can also provide help with the following:

Basic Computer Skills

Getting Started with your first computer
Learn all about getting started with computers.
How to use your computers Built-In Help
Did you know your computer has a built in help function to answer some frequently asked questions
Undo Your Mistakes
Learn how to use the undo feature on your computer and revert back to the most recent changes you made.
Understanding File Extensions (.zip, .exe, .mis, .doc)
We can help you learn about the many different file extensions that exisit and the saftey and risks around each file.
FREE Open Source Software
Learn how to find the safest, most reliable free programs out their.
How to change your background
Did you know you don't need to have the same background? it could be a family photo, pet or something else you like.

Security, Setup and Maintence Skills

How to setup your HOME Wifi Network Securely
We will show you how to secure your wifi network from intruders.
How to UPDATE your Computer and Software
Most programs and software requires regular updates to keep your computer running smoothly

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