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EB IT Support aims to give one point of call for all IT services. We aim to provide good value to our customers whether business or personal, remote or on site. We aim to always be friendly, approachable and straightforward in all our communications.

As well as IT support and repairs we can also assist in promoting your online profile with IT media tools such as YouTube adverts, business update vlogs etc.


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Greenhouse Boston UK
By Admin | August 2nd 2022

IT Surgery is back!

We will be hosting our IT Surgery on Tuesday 09th August 2022 at The Greenhouse Coffee Shop. Bring your devices, questions to us and we will be happy to help from 1PM to 3PM

First IT Surgery
By Admin | April 2022

Our First IT Surgery!

We hosted our first IT Surgery at the Greenhouse Boston, with a fantastic group of people with those burning questions about their devices.

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