Remote Assistance

To make it easier for our customers to read, we have broken our remote support policy into the following headings: click them to find more information

Please review these terms of use and terms of service carefully. By clicking "accept" or by continuing to use this application, you, individually and as an authorised officer of your company agree to the terms of use set forth below.

You conditionaly accept the IT support waver as per our Business Terms of Use Data Loss Waiver
Your current login is a computer administrator, this is required for some repairs to be performed.
By entering or providing your computers ID you agree that EB IT Support may remote control your device for the IT repair. and that all work has been saved and backed up prior to us remoteing in.
We may sometimes require a complete reboot of your machine so will need you to either be by your phone to re-enter your administrative credentials.
You additionally accept the ZOHO Privacy Policy and Terms of Service
£25 Deposit Required before we can support you.