Drone Services

Whether you have a property that you want filming or want your wedding filmed from the air, we have the services that can assist you.

Estate Agent Drone Videos

If you have a property to sell and need to have that edge on the market then a drone video and photos can do wonders to show the property off, showing the surrounding areas.

We are CAA approved, which means we are legally allowed to undertake commercial projects. As drone laws change we are constantly updating our knowledge to make sure you and your properties are in safe hands.

We are fully insured to undertake drone videos and photo’s so if anything happens you are in safe hands.

Wedding Drone Shoot

Your big day is meant to be special. So we will make sure to cover the key moments that will make your special day last a lifetime!

While we plan on providing a 30 minute video and up to 20 photo’s we can customize this package to suit your individual needs.

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