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These rules are superseded by the EB IT Support LTD’s Terms of Business.

By joining and participating in our community forums you are agreeing to the following rules: 

  • – You will not post malicious or harmful content.
  • – You will not post mature/adult in nature content
  • – You will not spam/flood our forum.
  • – Links maybe posted but this must clearly have a reason for the link such as: [i]here is a link to a Microsoft download page for a fixit link[/i]
  • – A moderators decision is final. We operate a 3 warning strike system before a ban is placed for most offenses of this forum, however moderators have the final decision to ban permanently should they need to.
  • – You will ensure a friendly atmosphere to visitors and forum members
  • – Remember your audience, both present and future (Your future boss may see your post!)
  • – No harassment, discrimination, or abuse of any kind.
  • – No trolling or flame bait.
  • – No political content, regardless of your views.
  • – Only 1 account per person.
  • – No advertising of any non EB IT Support material (You may use the buy and sell forum to post your items for sale).
  • – Discussion on how to engage in piracy is not allowed.
  • – Discussion on engaging in hacking, cracking is not permitted.
  • – Any content that violates a law. UK laws apply as well as any jurisdictions that apply to you.
  • – Do not post about other people’s personal information
  • – Do not post any personal identifiable information pertaining to anybody under the age of 16.
  • – Do not back seat moderate, if you wish to moderate our forums apply for a staff position.
  • – Staff cannot see private messages unless reported.
  • – do not @ someone without a proper reason.
  • – Do not beg for free, discounted, items or donations, fundraising or similar projects.
  • – Do not post shortened links! (
  • – Self promotion of personal websites or content is only allowed on your profile page, or where appropriate (such as videos demonstrating issues for troubleshooting purposes).

If you do not follow our rules you may be temporarily or permanently banned from our community. EB IT Staff will not support ban appeals over our phone lines, abuse of our phone lines will result in your number being barred from using our services, and your forum account terminated.


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