Broadband & Connectivty

From 2025, the UK’s copper PSTN network will be switched off to make way for the fibre network. As well as improving broadband across the country, a key part will be the switch to digital phone lines.

A digital phone line gives you an enhanced phone service, using the internet. You’ll be able to take your phone number wherever business takes you – at home, on the go, or your workplace. If you ever move premises, you can take the same number with you.

Moving away from traditional phone line will be an important change for many businesses. We’ve stopped selling traditional phone lines to help get you digital ready.

Full Fibre uses fibre optic cables to connect businesses directly to the telephone exchange – so data is delivered quicker over longer distances.

It’s better for your business as it makes payments more reliable, downloads speedier, gives better access to apps in the cloud, and means faster speeds across more devices. Protection Status