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Over the past year we approached prince’s trust to help us start our brand new IT support company, with their help we managed to complete all the necessary requirements to complete a business plan, financial plan’s and find the products and services to support our customers.

This included multiple all day workshop’s to finalize all the details for us. Once we were complete we were then sent through a “Dragon’s Den style panel” without any of the dragon’s known as the “Business Launch Group” who would read through all the plan’s and make sure that the business is viable. Once we were approved we were then given a £1,000 grant, which we were able to put straight into our start-up costs, this landed on the final day of the first year, meaning we ended the first year on a 5p profit!. We were also assigned a business mentor for 3 years who is helping us to make sure we know our business and offer any advice that we may need.

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Hello, I am the Company owner of EB IT Support LTD. I have been in the IT Profession for over 20 years working in both the Public Sector as an IT Service Desk Engineer for my local council and NHS, to an independent business. I am originally from Southend Essex, but moved to Boston and love it so much here, I decided to stay.

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