EB IT Support | Computer Repair and Media Production in Boston UK

IT Repair Services

Our technicians have the know how to deal with most common related issues in regards to laptops and computers. From upgrades to general maintance and speed ups We can help you.


Are you having an issue that you just can not pin point what is going on? Let our team quickly diagnose your issue and find an affordable solution to your computer problems.

Clean and Care

Every laptop/computer will start to run slowly over time if not properly maintained. We will perform a tuneup, and deep cleaning service of all the necessary areas to clean your computer.

Every clean and care comes with a 12 month warranty from the moment we hand the device back to you, so if it starts going slow, call us and we will help you FREE of charge.

Screen Replacements

That simple crack or shatter can mean your laptop is no longer safe to use. We always aim to have all screen replacements come with a 1 year manufactuar warranty minimum along with our 90 day repair warranty.

Parts are sold seperately and will be used as a deposit for your repair.

Charging Problems

That moment your laptop stops charging can mean you only have a few hours left to complete and save your work before you loose everything! This could be down to a faulty charging socket, or a faulty battery.


A virus could make you loose all your important files. We are partnered with Avast/AVG and will be able to find and fix and safely recover your computer back to fully working order.


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