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Windows 11 Notepad Right Click New Text Document Not Available

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If you are on Windows 11 and you have updated to the latest version (featured update by the end of October 2023) then you will have noticed that the new version of Notepad has some features, its a bit smarter but at the same time it rendered the right click option inside a folder to be able to create a new text document dead.

But not to worry, this is a quick and easy way to fix it.

open up notepad by searching for it under the start menu, or do what I do, click on the start menu and type in “notepad” without the quotes and open it.
fill the new text document with information.
go to file -> save as -> go to the path where you want to save it and give it a name, then save it.
you should now be able to right click on an empty space, click on new then Text Document and it will create the .txt file – same way it was present in the past.
Enjoy 🙂


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